Best practice in your country


a) With the main idea of “Same same, but different”, choose a natural attraction in your own country which you would define as ‘best practice’ in terms of product development and differentiation [1].

Present the attraction. Show what has been done to commercialize its natural offer (e.g., infrastructures, services, events) and to make it a marketable “tourism product”. Give an insight into further marketing decisions (price, place, promotion) to market the product. Explain its “uniqueness” and which target group is attracted by it. In what way does it help to increase economic added-value in the region?

Develop a “new” idea for a tourism product or service associated with the chosen natural attraction. Your idea should improve the visitors benefit, respectively attract new target groups or markets – and thereby increase the regional added-value. Classify your idea into the appropriate product policy strategy (innovation, modification or diversification).


b) Present an example of a National Park Gate or a Visitor Center - preferably in a National Park or a similar protected area - in your country which you would define as ‘best practice’ in visitor experience or consumer benefit.  Explain why you have chosen that example.



Benchmarking the different countries’ way of developing unique tourism products by commercializing its natural attractions in order to generate regional added-value.


Formatting and timing:

A 10 to 15-minute oral presentation per team to be given on Monday, November 26th, 2018. Be aware of “German punctuality”: You will present Pre-tasks I and II in a row. Your presentation will be interrupted after 20 minutes (5+15 minutes)!


Requested material:

A Power Point (or similar digital software) presentation per team.


[1] In the following, “tourism product” is meant in a broader sense that also includes tourism services.