draft Programme of the project week in ızmır

ALAÇATI - ÇEŞME 15 November 2021, Monday



 After the seminar and group work that will take place at Altınyunus Çesme Resort and Thermal Hotel, we will meet with our guides and move towards Alaçatı Center. First of all, we will visit the mosque( the olda church) in the village. Then we take a short walk in the narrow and unique pleasant streets of the village and get information. Then we will drive to the center of Çeşme and take a walk in Çesme , see the castle and Çesme Bazaar. We will taste the famous mastic ice cream. After our tour, we will drive back to Altınyunus Resort and Thermal Hotel . The tour will end at the hotel.

URLA HISTORY & TASTE TOUR 16 November 2021, Tuesday


 After having our breakfast at the hotel , we will meet with our guides in the Lobby and start our tour. Our first stop will be Uzbas Botanıcal Garden and Urla Winery Cellars and vineyards. We will discover the winery cellars and history of wine in the Region Urla we will have the wine tastings and then drive to Urla Dock to the Katmercı Unal Kardesler, where we will taste Katmer which is very popular in the region. After lunch and short break in the restaurant we will move on to the Kostem Olive Oil Museum. We will have a tour in the museum and carry out our study in the event area next to the museum for the purpose of Seminar and group study. We will have our dinner at the popular restaurant in the museum. We will drive back to the hotel after our dinner with our guides.


TORBALI – KEY MUSEUM – LUCIEN ARKAS WINERY 17 November 2021, Wednesday


 After the Seminar and Group Study that will take place on the Yasar Unıversıty Campus, we will meet with our guides and move towards to Torbalı. First of all we will visit the Key Museum and make a tour . Then we will drive to Lucien Arkas Winery and have an info tour in the Winery. Afterwards we will have our wine tastings of 5 different wines and have our dinner at LA Mahzen Restaurant in the winery. We will return back to our hotels in Izmır at the times to be determined.


IZMIR - KEMERALTI HISTORY & TASTE STOPS 18 November 2021, Thursday


 We will meet with our guide at the hotel and start our tour from the Konak Square, where the symbol of İzmir Clock Tower is located. The tour begins with the history of Historical Mansion, Clock Tower , Ayse Hatun Mosque and the yellow barracks, which used to be the most magnificient structure of this square, and we will walk through the unique streets of Kemeraltı to get lost in the back streets and experience its unique flavours. While tasting delicious special foods, we will learn the highlights and why it is famious and discover its mysteries.


 Our first stop is Elgani Ezmecisi. We will learn how püre flavours are manufactured. A few steps later, we are impatiently waiting fort he thinly rolled pies such as herbed-cheese and mince tulle to cook while we watch the Sprinkle Borek making. Other flavour stops will be waiting for us. Sogus is a unique food to izmir. Value Soguscu, which is not a big name but a big taste…


 Our discovery in Beyler Steet will takes us to Salepcıoglu Mosque. This mosque, which was built in the Baroque style at the end of the century, is famous for its pencil Works. We will visit the Photographer Shop in the passage of the same name of Hamza Rustem, the first photographer of Izmir, and learn about its history. We will visit the museum rooms on the upper floor and will have the opportunity to see the hundreds of cameras and materials.


 At Basdurak at the corner, we will enjoy the famous black mulberry sherbet, squeezed from real fruits and continue to Chestnut Bazaar. İt is impossible to wal without stopping in front of the famous Kemeraltı Pickle Tahsin, which makes people’s attractions while passing by. Pickles consisting of all kinds of fruits and vegetables stand like a painting in front of us.


 A few steps away, Numan Pide has already started to cook our herb- chees and roasted covered pita cooked on wood fire. Then we will taste the delicous Bosnian Dumplings of Aysa Bosnian Pastry. We will feel the history by visiting the upper floor of this historical and sparkling place. Yola cafe is Lesmire Abacıoglu’s other enjoyable place which we will visit.


 Now it’s time to set out fort he bustling Hisaronu. But not without stopping by the historic Synagogue Street, where the freshest of all kinds of food is sold. A paradise for photographers. We will turn our direction to Hisaronu, which is the center and where the Izmır port was 2400 years ago. It has mainted this position 250 years ago. The Kızlaraagası ınn, where goods from Anatolia are stored and loaded onto ships, and the adjacent Hısar mosque are the last two places we will visit. But we do not finish our tour without tasting the dried beans and rice of Bızım Lokanta and Hısaronu Sambalıcısı, which has a queue in front of it. After the tour, where we will have the opportunity to see the beauties of the Historical Inns, Salepcıoglu and Hısar Mosques, we will return back to our hotel.