pre-task ii:

best practice in your country



With the main idea of 'Overtourism':


Destination management: 

a) Choose a destination (tourism region, -city, -site, -attraction) in your own country which you would define as a striking example’ in terms of the existence of overtourism. Describe the situation and challenges that occur for the destination and its related stakeholders (people and organizations). Give examples of media coverage of overtourism for this destination. 
b) In what way(s) does this destination deal with these challenges of overtourism? In other words: What information can be found on policy/strategy this destination has in order to cope with overtourism? 



c) How is this destination promoted in general? And: Find out how far these promotional marketing-activities that are communicated by this destination to the different stakeholders take the challenges of overtourism into account. Illustrate the above with examples.
d) Give an insight into the destination's other marketing decisions (price, place) which are used to market this destination in general (so not specifically overtourism-related). 


Benchmarking the different countries’ existence and ways of dealing with the challenges of 'overtourism' and marketing-efforts made.


Formatting and timing:
A 10 to 15-minute oral presentation per team to be given on Monday 11 November 2019.
Please be informed that the presentations-schedule will be rather strict: You will present Pre-tasks I and II in a row. If not ready after 20 minutes (5 + 15 minutes), your presentation will be interrupted!
Requested material:
A Power Point (or similar digital software) presentation per team.