Pre-Task III: Developing off-the-beaten tracks tourism products for the Italian area called “Romagna”



Dear students, imagine that you and your classmates work for an important consulting firm, which

has just been appointed by the Italian area called “Romagna” as its official marketing advisor within your country. Bear in mind that this geographical area has its own peculiarities. 


First, Romagna is a so-called historical region: it has its own specific identity but it is not administratively independent. In fact, it belongs to a region called “Emilia-Romagna”, whose epicenter is the famous city of Bologna. Please open Google Map and note that the border between “Emilia”

and “Romagna” is not evident. Most of the inhabitants tend to identify the river “Sillaro” as the

Northern border of Romagna – you can find that river near the city of Imola (yes, that is where a

famous Formula 1 Grand Prix is annually held and probably your parents will remember that the

same Grand Prix was called “San Marino Grand Prix” between 1986 and 2002, even though San Marino is pretty not so close).


Second, if the brand name of Romagna is really well known at a national level, it is more problematic

at an international level. Indeed, European travelers tend to get confused between “Romagna” and “Romania”, or between “Romagna” and “Rome”, which is located in a different Italian region (Lazio).  We hope this won’t put you down: good consultants should always be prepared to face stimulating challenges and come up with effective solutions!





Building on the premise above, your task is to advise the local authorities of Romagna by recommending one travel idea that would be suitable for a relevant segment of travelers within

your country. The idea regarding traveling that you have to identify should be related to what we

define as “tourism off-the-beaten track". Seaside tourism is already a popular attraction in the

region, that is why your task is about suggesting alternative itineraries.


You have to come up with a power Point presentation (7/8 slides, excluding the front page).


In the first1/2 slide(s), please describe the profile of the typical traveler living in your country

that might be interested in embarking on "cultural tourism" abroad. For example, this group of consumers may have already visited some parts of Italy in search of food, cultural attractions,

nature, sport-related experiences, etc.


In the following slides, you have to suggest which main tourism product should Romagna

build and promote in order to attract the travelers you described in the first slide(s). You have

to study what local resources are currently available in Romagna and come up with a relevant suggestion. What is the main theme of the proposed vacation package? How many nights can a

foreign tourist realistically spend in Romagna? What attractions/activities should they do? If you

want, you can consider the list of travel ideas currently selected by the local tourism board at


In any case, feel free to use your imagination and experience in order to propose more effective itineraries. Your perspective as objective observers is very important to us! Just keep in mind, in 

the last slides, to explain how you would suggest to promote the travel product described in the previous slides.





We want all our international guests to come to know better the Romagna region, its specific

identity and culture beyond the conventional image of this part of Italy as a consolidated

destination for seaside mass-tourism.



Formatting and timing:


Contributions by all national teams will be brought together and summarized by a lecturer of the University of Bologna; the resulting synthesis will be presented by the same lecturer throughout

a seminar that will be given on Monday, November 21st, 2022.


For this reason, we invite national teams to deliver their slides in advance, no later than

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 (general idea: the sooner, the better!)

Please send them attached to an e-mail, at the following address:                        Indicate “ACEEPT 2022 – PreTask III – your country” in the object of your e-mail.


Note that slides prepared for Pre-Task III will not be presented by national teams in front of the

other participants, during the days in Rimini. More specific feedbacks on the work delivered by

every national team might be given in a final online session, posterior to the conclusion of the

on-site activities in Rimini and meant to draw up a final assessment of the whole event.



Requested material:


There are no specific requirements for the format of the 7/8 slides requested for this task.

Simply make it sure you are sending them in a readable format (.ppt or .pdf)  


Here, you can find all the presentation of the pre-task three:

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