pre-task iv:

Organise your stand at the ACEEPT´s International Fair


This fair will be in a similar format to a tourism exhibition. You will be given a stand/table to present your team, university and region to your international colleagues. Your stand should also provide some kind of “intercultural activity”. Make sure everyone enjoys the best of your region and also that you get to know and taste the best of all the other ACEEPT regions.



Allowing every participant to learn about and enjoy the best of each country/region represented in the ACEEPT network. Encourage the visitors to talk, share and have fun together!


 Format and timing:

 The fair will take place in the faculty building of Breda University as. (appropriate behavior is expected!) and will last approximately 2 hours. More information on logistical details will be given later.


Requested material:

Be creative! Bring whatever you consider an asset of your region – local delicacies, brochures, decoration or any other items…. Show the “uniqueness” of your home country. Let's turn the international fair into an international party!


What will be arranged by Breda University as. for the International Fair and what do I and my team members need to bring ourselves?

We will arrange tables and electricity during the International Fair. All other items you would like to use during the fair (decoration material, promotional items, giveaways, food, drinks, laptop and whatever you think will be of added value) should be arranged/brought by you and your team members.