Accomodation and URBAN MOBILITY

The on-site activities of the ACEEPT Project Week 2022 will start on Sunday, November 20th,          2022 with a welcome cocktail in Rimini city center (less than 10 minutes by feet from the railway station), in the early evening; and it will end with the Official Closing Dinner, on Friday, November

25th, 2022


Accommodation is covered by the registration fee and provided to all participants (both students        and professors). For everyone, the date for the check-in is Sunday, November 20th, 2022, while      the date for the check-out is Saturday, November 26th, 2002


Additional overnight stays in Rimini --either before or after the Project Week-- have to be arranged      on an individual basis, contacting directly the host hotel/hostel and agreeing the corresponding

terms. Although local organizers may provide some assistance in the interaction with the hotel, additional nights must be considered at private expense of every participant. 




Professors will be hosted in single rooms, at the Hotel Villa Adriatica****

 Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 3, 47921 Rimini RN

Phone: +39.0541.54599 - E-mail:




Students will instead be hosted in rooms with 3-4 beds at the

Sunflower Beach Backpacker Hostels & Bar

via Siracusa 25 E 8, 47900 Rimini RN

Phone: +39.0541.373432 – E-mail:


The entire hostel will be for exclusive use of the ACEEPT group during the days of the Project            Week 2022. Students will be assigned to the different rooms by the local organizing comittee,

mixing up across national groups so as to facilitate interactions among students from different countries/universities, in full compliance with the spirit of the ACEEPT network.

Male and female students will be kept separate.




Information on mobility from and to Rimini Campus:

The Rimini campus can be easily reached by feet from the station, it takes approximately 7

minutes. When you get out of the station, you continue straight, on the street just in front of

you. There is going to be a roundabout that you can pass and continue straight until you see

the Temple Malatestiano on your left. Right before, there is a small plaza on the right, called

"Piazza Teatini" that you have to cross to reach the Campus. 

The address of the entrance of the Campus is : Via Quintino Sella, 10, 47921 Rimini RN.



Information on mobility from and to Hotel Villa Adriatica:

From the train station it takes between 15 to 20 minutes to reach Hotel Villa Adriatica by foot.

When you get out of the station, you turn right and follow the bike path  that it will bring you to a roundabout. On the same side of the street, there is an underground tunnel that you follow and

it brings you to the main street Viale Principe Amedeo. Continue to follow the street until you

reach a big square, with the so-called "Fountain of the Four Horses". Then take a right, following

the different restaurants on the side of the road, until you reach a small intersection, which you

keep right. You will see the Hotel Villa Adriatica on your right. 



Information on mobility from and to the Sunflower Beach Backpacker Hostels & Bar:

The most efficient and reliable transportation to reach the Hostel is with the Metromare.

Metromare is the new public transport system that links Rimini to Riccione. The buses will take

you from Rimini to Riccione and from Riccione to Rimini in just 20 minutes, passing through 15 intermediate stations. 

In this case, Sunflower Beach Backpacker Hostels & Bar is located 1 minute away from the stop

called "Marebello" and it takes approximately 7-8 minutes to go from the station of Rimini to the

Hostel Sunflower Beach Backpacker with the Metromare.

The Metromare is located on the right side of the station, this is the exact address:

  •  Capolinea Metromare 47921 Rimini RN 44.062939, 12.575265

There are 5 different stops from the station of Rimini to the stop Marebello, every 20-30 minutes

there is the possibility of riding the Metromare.

This is the list of the 5 stops between the 2 different locations for the Metromare:

  •     Rimini Station
  •        Kennedy
  •        Pascoli
  •        Lagomaggio
  •        Toscanin
  •        Bellariva
  •        Marebello

Below the description there is the a PDF file of the schedule for the Metromare ( Sunday the time of the Metromare changes but it comes every 20-30 minutes).



The tickets can be bought online, at a vending machine at the station, or you can buy them from

the ticket office that is going to be mentioned below.

In the case of buying the tickets from the office, is important to remember that the single ticket

must be validated in the moment in which you enter the bus. Validating machines are located

inside the bus. If you do not validate the ticket and you get stopped from the controller you are

going to be fined.



        The best option is to acquire from the ticket office near the station the Carnet 1 Zona (10 corse)

     a card that allows you to travel 10 times for the price of 12€.

        The ticket can be acquired singularly on the applications mentioned below for the price of 1.30€.

     It is important to remember that the ticket is only for ZONE1:

  •   DropTicket

o   IOS:

o   Android:

  •  myCicero

o   IOS:

o   Android:

  •   Roger

o   Android:

  • Muver

o   Android:


·       There is also the possibility of buying the tickets from the ticket office located near the station, the address is mentioned here below:

     Piazzale Cesare Battisti, fonte, 10, 47921 Rimini RN


·       There is the possibility of buying the tickets onboard for the price of 2€ and the only method of payment is with card.




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