PRE-TASK III: Gastronomy tourısm destınatıons ın turkey

We are pretty sure that you all associate Turkish cuisine with döner kebap and Turkish delight. But it’s a lot more than that which will fascinate you with the ingredients, cooking methods, and varieties of tastes. Gastronomy tourism in Turkey is a growing tourism product with its delicious food and drinks.

Turkey offers authentic gastronomy experiences with its main destinations: Gaziantep, Hatay, Adana, Trabzon, İstanbul, Konya, and İzmir. Those cities are popular with their local dishes that have a unique taste of food based on the recipes that reflect the culture of the civilizations that have lived in Anatolia for centuries.


Please evaluate one of these cities above (excluding İzmir) in terms of gastronomy tourism by searching on the internet for information through credible websites, academic papers, or reports written in English. (The cities should be selected by the instructors of the course and declared on the 8th of October during the agm.)


Students are expected to prepare 5-pages of a written report with references that explains what a gastronomy tourist expects from a gastronomy tourism destination (please check academic papers, books, or reports) and whether those destinations in Turkey offer them or not. Your reports will be prepared as a poster here and be exhibited at the conference venue. The reports will also be shared by the gastronomy tourism experts and feedback will be given on each report. Please send the reports to  in a .docx format by the 1st of November.  Please highlight “ACEEPT 2021-  your country” as the subject of your e-mail.