Getting to Rimini

The ACCEPT Project Week 2022 will be hosted by the University of Bologna, with all on-site              activities taking place in the city of Rimini or nearby. In particular, the conference venue will be                at Rimini Campus of the University of Bologna (Complesso Alberti - Via Quintino Sella 13,                      Rimini) which is located within a very few minutes walking distance from the main train station                in the city.

The Rimini airport ( and the Bologna airport (     allow one to get to Rimini easily from abroad.

In particular, the Bologna International "Guglielmo Marconi" airport (BLQ) is approximately 100 km away from Rimini. From there, one may reach the Bologna train station (called Bologna Centrale)          by taking a taxi (directly outside Arrivals, but careful: taxi is very expensive in Italy) or using the  Marconi Express train (7-minutes ride, basically every 7 minutes,                  see: and then take a train to Rimini. We recommend this second  option as it is cheaper, very comfortable and also environmentally friendly. Alternatively, direct          shuttle buses to Rimini are also available, directly from the Bologna Airport  (see: Rimini has also a very small airport (RMI) which might however be useful to check while planning your journey.  

Both Trenitalia ( and Italo ( Rimini          through high-speed trains with the main transport nodes, like Bologna (1h), Milan (2h), and            Rome (4h). However, Italo has recently suspended the service along the Adriatic coast --where              Rimini is located-- and we have no clue whether and when this service will be resumed.

High-speed trains by Trenitalia (named FrecciaRossa or FrecciaArgento) cover the distance        between Bologna and Rimini in slightly less than 1 hour. They generally run at intervals of one          hour from each other every day, and must be booked in advance to take advantage of special        offers (13-17 euros), otherwise the ticket may become expensive. The cheap alternative is        represented by a local train ("Intercity" or "Regionale"), running every 30 minutes and with a cost            of 10,8 euros (again, see It takes 1 hour and half, approximately.

As part of the travel to reach the place of the conference, tickets for the bus/train services from  Bologna to Rimini (and the way back) are not covered by the fee paid by the partner Universities. Regrettably, we are unable to organize a centralized shuttle bus service for our guests (and most             in general, "ACEEPT Pick-up Services" at the various train stations/airports will not be provided,   along the days of the event) 


Rimini is also connected by motorway to Bologna through the A14 and the two main exits are              Rimini Nord and Rimini Sud (the one we recommend for the Campus). Parking is not allowed in            the city center, but there are parking areas just outside. 


Finally, you might want to take into consideration the idea of visiting also Bologna, even more so            if you will land there, or you will be changing trains or using other types of transportation. Even a      very quick tour of the city center is definitely worth a visit.