Additional Pre-Task: Fill up a questionnaire and help us disseminating it among your classmates



The ACEEPT Project Week 2022 requests the participants to do one last small commission …

We would like all students from the different national teams to fill up the online form you find

linked below. This is a survey we would like to conduct in the context of a collaboration between

some researchers of the University of Bologna (the local organizer of the Project Week 2022) and

an organization from the Republic of San Marino, a tiny independent State enclaved by Italy, and located not far from the venue that will host you this year.


We would like to know what you know about this Republic, and the perception of this particular

location among young students and future professionals in the tourism sector.


Information collected by means of this survey will then be used to derive some insights on a

possible branding strategy to suggest to the local authorities, that they might use to promote

San Marino as a tourist destination, specifically among young generations. 


We would kindly ask all students to provide their answers and circulate the questionnaire

among their classmates and other students at their university.


As for the number of questionnaires to collect... there is no limit! Try to circulate the survey

as much as you can, the national team sending the largest number of questionnaires will be 

rewarded with a special prize! :) Play fair!


By filling the survey, each respondents also have the chance to participate in a lottery, with a mysterious prize at stake...





As hinted above, we are curious to learn what is the perception of a micro-State like San Marino

as a tourist attraction among European students who are expected to work in tourism-related

industry in the near future. All questions will be treated for research purposes only, ensuring

anonymity and privacy.



Format and timing:


This is the link to the online survey:

Please circulate this link among your classmates and other students at your university. Survey collection will be closed on the 10th of November 2022.



Thank you very much for your collaboration!!!