Accept Project Week 2021 – Main Task


The foodscape has been examined in many fields from various perspectives. A central aspect of the foodscape construct is that it highlights the interaction among people, place, and food, weaving the individual into the surrounding environment, culture, and society (Sage, 2010).

A destination's foodscape is an aggregation built on travelers' various food experiences in a destination, some of which take place in organized environments staged as service encounters not managed by service organizations or controlled by the tourism industry.

In short, a destination foodscape is a holistic conception of food experiences in a destination. As a concept; destination foodscape comprises diverse elements as such; “place”, “atmospheric”, “food”, “sociocultural food factors”, and the “intensity level of the food experience”.

A foodscape staged with tourists in mind is a dimensional construct comprised of the “physical environment”,social interactions”, “food quality value”, “monetary value”, and a feature characterized by “divergence”.

Under the guiding idea;

Step 1: Please choose two of the above destination foodscape dimensions.

Step 2: Base your concept either on enhancing the gastronomy tourism experience or promoting gastronomy tourism at the destination

Step 3: Study those dimensions to develop a concept for digital integration (ideas or projects to be transferred to digital) of İzmir but mainly Kemeraltı

The project of each international team is supposed to enrich the management and marketing of Izmir as a gastronomy tourism destination.


Tips for the students:

If you choose;

a)     “physical environment” as a dimension, please consider subdimensions like; place (physical location), décor (related to the senses), structure (functionality), and service encounter’s story (shared information and perceived pleasure).

b)     “social interactions” as a dimension, please consider subdimensions like; service provider (manager, employees), customers (other guests or tourists), and family (relation to own family members).

c)     “food quality value” as a dimension, please consider subdimensions like; food sensation (how the food tastes, looks, and is prepared) and food locality and authenticity, association with the national or regional culture)

d)     “monetary value” as a dimension, please consider subdimension like; price-quality relation, price comparison, etc.

e)     “divergence” as a dimension, please consider subdimensions like; different places (wineries, breweries, and farms) and different from everyday life (special happenings such as birthday parties)


This integration is highly crucial to generate economic added value, to reveal the hidden potential, to increase the visitor numbers and gastronomic attractiveness of İzmir. In this regard, please be realistic, innovative and creative 😊



Assessment criteria and process:

Students, lecturers, and professionals will give a Top-3-Ranking**. The results will be added up, resulting in three ACEEPT Awards: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Three main criteria should be used by students, lecturers, and professionals (but an interpretation of the criteria remains to the different groups):

  • Content I: innovation, creativity
  • Content II: realism, feasibility
  • Presentation skills

** After the presentations on Friday the three juries (students, lecturers, and professionals) will discuss the presented ideas within their groups. Each group can decide how to achieve a joint decision.

Students are proposed to give a Top-3-Ranking within their international mixed teams (without voting for themselves). The team leaders will hand over their votes to one of the local hosts. The local hosts will sum up the results of the international mixed teams (#1: 25 pts, #2: 10 pts., #3: 5 pts.) and give it to the lecturers who will calculate the total score resulting in the three ACEEPT Awards.


Başarılar! (Good luck!)