On the first ACEEPT evening, after a long day, it’s time for some fun …. And that means international fair! All national teams are therefore requested to organize a stand representing their own country.


This fair, intended as a sort of tourism exhibition, will take place on Monday, November 20th 2023 in our Antwerp Campus.

All teams will be given a table to be used to present your country and/or region in terms of culture, tourism, gastronomy, folklore...


Be creative! You are free to use costumes, decorations, food and drinks, brochures, or any other material. The purpose of this event is to meet and greet, and to create an environment for interaction among all participating international students!

For this reason, “intercultural activities” organized at your stand are very welcome! Make sure that everyone enjoys the best of your region and may have a... "taste" of it!


Format and timing:

The fair will take place in the evening, and will last approximately 2 hours. More information on logistical details will be given later.


Requested material:

All specific items you would like to use during the fair (decoration material, promotional items, giveaways, food, drinks, laptop…) should be brought by you and your team members.


As a general recommendation, be creative! Bring whatever you consider an asset of your region (e.g., local delicacies, brochures, decoration or any other items...). The point is showing to other participant the “uniqueness” of your home country, and turning the international fair into an international party!