ACEEPT Project Week 2018 – Main Task

The main objectives of both projects – National Park Gate ‘Celtic Park’ as well as ‘Cloef’ viewpoint and its surrounding area – are to increase the visitor numbers of the sites and to generate economic added-value in those areas:

Under the guiding idea “Same same, but different”, develop a ‘product’* for one of the sites that will help to reach these goals using differentiation strategies (innovation, modification, and/or diversification):

  • Describe your product idea.
  • Explain your strategic approach: In case of an innovation - what is ‘new’? In case of a modification: in what way is the new variant ‘different’? In case of diversification: what is ‘new’ in your product and what is the ‘new market’?
  • Point out in what way the unique aspects of your product create a sense of value for the customer (competitive advantages).
  • What conditions must be met by the locations/sites to realize your idea?
  • Characterize at least one potential target group and explain why your concept is attractive to it.
  • How would you reach the selected target group to promote your product?
  • Explain in what way your idea will increase economic added-value in the region.

Be innovative, be creative – but remain realistic!

* Product is meant in a broader sense that also includes services. 

Assessment criteria and process

Students, lecturers and professionals will give a Top-3-Ranking**. The results will be added up, resulting in three ACEEPT Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze Three main criteria should be used by students, lecturers and professionals (but interpretation of the criteria remains to the different groups):

  • Content I: innovation, creativity
  • Content II: realism, feasibility
  • Presentation skills

** After the presentations on Friday the three juries (students, lecturers and professionals) will discuss the presented ideas within their groups. Each group can decide how to achieve a joint decision.

Students are proposed to give a Top-3-Ranking within their international mixed teams (without voting for themselves). The team leaders will hand over their votes to one of the local hosts. The local hosts will sum up the results of the international mixed teams (#1: 25 pts, #2: 10 pts., #3: 5 pts.) and give it to the lecturers who will calculate the total score resulting in the three ACEEPT Awards.


Glück auf! (Good luck!)

ACEEPT 2018: Main task
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Product Development Saarland
Saarland Tourism Strategy
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Celitc Park
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National Park Gate
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