Pre-task II

Best practice in your country

With the main idea of “Produc(e·)in’·Tourism”, choose a destination in your own country which you would define as ‘best practice’ in terms of using a production site and/or some regional product or produce to create a tourism product (such as an event or a package tour or theme trail etc.). Present the destination and explain wherein the tourism potential of your example lies, how it is used and which target groups is attracted by it. Show how the production site and/or the product or produce are implemented in the respective tourism product. Give an insight into further marketing decisions (price, place, promotion) to market the product.


Benchmarking the different countries’ way of including production sites and/or regional products or produce into a tourism product.


Formatting and timing:
A 10 to 15-minute oral presentation per team to be given on Monday, November 20th, 2017.
Be aware of “German punctuality”: You will present Pre-tasks I and II in a row. Your presentation will be interrupted after 20 minutes (5+15 minutes)!
Requested material:
A Power Point (or similar digital software) presentation per team.