get to know and evaluate the potential of the ‘theme’ for the region you are about to visit


Content :

Inform yourself about the Valais Region and point out its potential and strengths in developing tourism products including some authentic local produces. Define the major produces that could be attractive to foreign visitors in order to enhance their tourism experience. Prepare a presentation which will define the potential of diversifying the traditional ‘ski’ or ‘hike’ holiday in the Alps by including authentic regional produces in the tourism activity for the Valais. This presentation will have to answer the following questions : What was your perception of the Valais Region until now and how did it evolve after your research ? What do you know/learn about authentic regional products of the Valais Region ? Was it possible for you to identify a tourism product where one could experience regional produces ? Define the strengths and weaknesses of the information displayed – how easy was it to find it (mention sources) ?


Goal : To evaluate how you can identify a specific product in a foreign region; identify how authenticity in the Valais Region is perceived abroad and define how well you managed to find the information.

Format and timing :  a presentation of maximum 10-12 minutes per team

Requested material : a powerpoint or similar digital software presentation + a written and well structured document of max 4 pages