Based on this week’s theme, “How to enhance the tourist experience through authenticity”, each group will pick up one authentic topic of their choice among the following list :

- Wine (theme route, tasting, visits, harvest volunteering, …)

- Culture (traditions such as folklore, cow fights, events, architecture, …

- Gastronomy


Once the whole group agrees on a topic, we ask you to fulfill the following assignments :


        I.            Based on the chosen topic, imagine a complete commercial package that would be attracting potential clients to the Valais. The duration of your package is up to you, from 1 to 3 days


      II.            Identify the infrastructure that would be needed, either existing or to be created in order to be able to commercialize your product


    III.            Give a description of your targets (segmented markets) to which your product could be sold and to whom it is intended


    IV.            Inform about the channels you would be using to sell the product to the targets


      V.            Identify the main advantages for the region in term of durability (social, environmental and economic) of your package. Why is it important for the tourism sector to be also promoting traditional local produces ?